bom makeup and more

Opened since 2009.
BOM (SLUV, EVO, EVOX) makeup.
Nails, nail texture (Petrichor System/Kottr Klaws).
Ocassional releases.

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faq and policy

I need an item redelivered:
The new unpacker includes a Redelivery button, if you got one, just click on it and voila.
My mainstore and satelites all have redelivery terminals.
If it is a MP purchase search Lovely Mi or Miwa Bunny in "My Account" > "Order History". If all else fails then please go to the discord and create a support ticket.
Are you looking for a Spokesperson/Model/Blogger?
Not at the moment.
Are you available for comissions?
Yes, join the discord and you may contact me from there or send a notecard in-world.
Are you looking to join events?
Depending on the event, theme and deadline.
Would you like to join malls/venues?
Not anymore.
Do you have giftcards available?
No, there has been too many issues with those, so rather stay away from them.
POLICYAll sales are final. All products are sold as-is and are true to advertisement.If you somehow double purchased, please provide transaction history within 24 hours of the purchase and I will refund the extra purchase, but please be mindful constant reoccurence will result in me not reimbursing you anymore.If you have an issue or need any assistance, please go to my discord and submit a ticket, my team and I will answer your request within the next 24 hours.